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Native American Consultation Database

The Native American Consultation Database (NACD) is a tool for identifying consultation contacts for Indian tribes and Native Hawaiian organizations. The database is not a comprehensive source of information, but it does provide a starting point for the consultation process by identifying tribal leaders and NAGPRA contacts.

To ensure that all appropriate Indian tribes and Native Hawaiian organizations are involved in the consultation process, users should also investigate other sources of information, including the Bureau of Indian Affairs; Federal, state, and local governmental agencies involved in Native American issues; national, regional and local archives; and additional resources on the National NAGPRA Website.

First time users are strongly advised to read the supporting documentation, which provides information about the content and format of the reports generated through a search, and information on the authorities for the source data in the NACD.

The Native American Consultation Database is updated periodically with contact information received from Indian tribes and Native Hawaiian organizations, and from the Bureau of Indian Affairs. For information on procedures to add and update records, contact the NACD Administrator, National NAGPRA Program, National Park Service.

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The National NAGPRA Program coordinates the regular update of the information in and the development of new features for the Native American Consultation Database.

NPS CONTACT: NACD Administrator

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